Got a question about our shredding services?

How much can I put in the bags ?

There is no weight limit, as long as the bag can be sealed.

What can I put in the bag?

Confidential waste paper, folders, card etc- not household waste! 

Do I have to remove staples and paper clips?

No our shredder will cut through those like a hot knife through butter

Do I get a receipt on collection ?

Due to Covid we no longer issue paper Waste Transfer Notes.  We will email you an electronic version for you records as soon as possible after collection.

What happens to my confidential waste paper after it is collected?

You paper is sent for shredding within 24 hours of collection to our shredding depot.  The paper is sent via conveyor into the shredder. We will then send you an electronic note of destruction.

The shredded paper is then compressed into large bales and sent to paper mills.  The bales are then recycled into paper towels etc.

What if I need more bags?

Our drivers always carry a spare bag or two, so if you have a just a few items let’s us know on the day of collection and we can arrange to assist you or re order more bags online.

What else can you offer for business other than bags ­?

We offer businesses lockable consoles in two different sizes and different colours to blend in with the office. Wheelie bins are also available in two different sizes.